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What should my first QRT power product purchase be?

We recommend a QB8 QBASE power distribution unit to give your system a proper foundation.

Can I use my THOR distribution with the new QRT products?

Yes, the THOR can be used in conjunction with QX2 and QX4 power purifiers as well as QV2 AC line harmonizers.  

Can I use more than one QX2 or QX4 in my system?

Yes, in fact, the more units that are used, the greater the sonic benefits.

What are the sonic differences between the QX2 and the QX4?

Each product has a different focus. The QX2 should be used to focus the soundstage. The QX4 should be used to increase the dynamic range, improve the cross talk and lower the noise floor in the system.

Can I use QRT products with other brands of power distribution?

Yes. However, for best results, we would recommend a full complement of QRT products with Nordost power cords. Since the philosophy of QRT is very different from that of other companies, we cannot guarantee the same sonic results.

Do QRT power products use surge protection?

No, the QRT products do not use surge protection. However, the QBASE Mark II model includes a fuse that acts as short circuit protection.

Do I need to connect the external ground on my QBASE?

No, it is not necessary to connect the external ground to have the QBASE work effectively. However, if it is possible to run a ground wire to an external ground rod, you can lower the noise floor in the system.

I have more than 8 components in my system. Can I use two QB8 QBASE units?

Yes, you can use two or more QB8 units in your system.

How do I connect two or more QB8 units together?

Connect the first QB8 unit to the wall using the best possible power cord. Then connect the second unit directly into the outlet labeled “Primary Earth”.  Once these steps are completed, you can connect the components as you normally would.

My preamp has two or more separate power supplies. How do I connect it to a QBASE?

Please contact Nordost technical support at 1 800 836 2750 or for detailed information.

Where is the best location to plug in my QV2?

The QV2 should be plugged into any unused outlets in the QBASE power distribution unit or other power strip.

How many QV2 units should I use in my system?

It is best to use the QV2 units in pairs.  While adding just one will improve the sound, each pair increment will have greater impact.  The more pairs of QV2s in the system, the greater the increase in sound quality. Many users choose to install 6 or 8 pieces in their system, in addition to the QX2 and QX4 units.

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