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Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry.

Over the past three decades, Nordost has developed an extensive, all-encompassing range of hifi audio solutions. Nordost's audio and video cables, power products, audio enhancers, and resonance control devices have revolutionized high fidelity listening. Only Nordost can deliver the pure, unadulterated reality of a live performance to the comfort of your home sound system—no matter the system's price point.


Made in the USA

As one of the few truly American-made manufacturers in the industry, we possess the unique ability to have complete control over the entire design process. The direct oversight of our manufacturing processes — from conception, to material selection, to production and assembly — ensures the flawless construction that makes our high quality American-made cables and audio components rise above the rest.

Superior Design Philosophy

Our approach to cable design is to produce low-mass cables with optimal signal transfer speed and perfect impedance matching. At Nordost we make it our goal to minimize harmful filtration and maintain the sonic signature of your sound. With Nordost in your system, you can finally hear what your audio components are capable of — leaving you with an impression of the music, not of the cabling.

30+ Years of Experience

Nordost has been a respected leader in hifi for over 30 years. Throughout the years, we have developed technology that has positioned us in the forefront of our industry, have been able to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market, and have seen countless competitors come and go. Nordost has the staying-power that other cable brands lack and the stability that our customers can trust.

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Mono-Filament technology refers to Nordost’s patented process of separating the conductor from its FEP insulation. During production, each conductor is intricately and uniformly wrapped in either a single strand (Micro), or a twisted pair (Dual) of FEP Mono-Filament, before being encased in an extruded layer of high quality FEP. This highly precise process allows every conductor to be surrounded by its own air dielectric. This revolutionary insulation process is directly responsible for the dramatic increase of signal speeds and excellent mechanical damping found in Nordost cables.


Due to the intricate extrusion process that Nordost employs, we are the only audio cable manufacturer able to achieve a flat cable geometry in our speaker cables. The flat nature of Nordost’s cables enables the following benefits: an increase in signal transfer speeds, the elimination of strand interaction, the optimization of the mechanical spacing and layout of conductors, a decrease in skin effect, and a reduction of physical surface contact.


By analyzing the natural resonances of conductors, we have derived a proprietary formula to determine the optimal length of each cable, according to their unique geometry. By ensuring that the conductors are cut to these specific lengths, we maximize the sonic performance of our cables, eliminating timing errors.


These low mass, high end, connectors are designed to seamlessly fit the internal geometry of each individual cable that they house. HOLO:PLUG® connectors are the perfect marriage of electrical and mechanical tuning, allowing Nordost to have complete control of our highest quality interfaces—not only of the cable itself, but from end to end.


In utilizing TSC shielding on our Supreme Reference cables, we are able to maintain the integrity of signal transfer while protecting our cables from the electrical pollution produced by RFI and EMI. When paired with our patented HOLO:PLUG® connectors, TSC provides 100% total shield coverage without the rigidity that is associated with other shielded cables.

What are people saying about Nordost?

From magazines and offical publications, to happy listeners, to industry pioneers, everyone is singing the praises of Nordost, and what our products have done for their audio experiences.