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Eco3x and Sortkone Accessories

It is no industry secret that vibration degrades the performance of individual components and sound systems drastically. One way to try to minimize this negative effect is through the use of isolation devices (separating the component from outside forces that would harm sound integrity).  Nordost, however, takes a different approach to solving this problem. We believe that the most harmful mechanical energy doesn’t enter the equipment from the outside; it’s generated internally by the audio circuits and power supplies. Nordost prescribes resonance control. Both Nordost’s Sort Kones and Sort Füt units are mechanically tuned resonance control devices that act as mechanical diodes, creating a direct ground path that allows detrimental energy to escape from the electronics. Without these disruptive vibrations, your system will sound more natural and lifelike, your music more lively and engaging and you will be left exceedingly satisfied with the performance achieved by your sound system.

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