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Customer Testimonials

Ontario, Canada

I am an avid home cinema and audio enthusiast. I have tried many types of cables over the years, large commercial brands, generic brands, and boutique brands. I largely used another big name company’s products, since they were easily accessible in my area, always wanting to try Nordost. A recent amplifier purchase found me at a Nordost dealer a drive away—I could not resist the rare opportunity to try Nordost cables in my system. I figured I would start with a Blue Heaven Power Cable for this amplifier, and it did not disappoint. I have used that same amp with cables costing 10x to 60x more, and they did not have nearly the impact as this Blue Heaven cable did. In fact, the performance immediately drove me to purchase more Nordost Blue Heaven cables. I now have speaker, HDMI, digital and multiple power cables. My streaming system has Purple Flare Power Cables and Blue Heaven Digital Cables. How is it possible that cables in these price points can outshine reference products from another company I asked myself? Needless to say, I have converted most of my cables to Nordost and am working on the remainder. I am extremely pleased with the performance and am now left wanting more, always wondering what I am missing by not moving deeper into the product line. I will not use anything but Nordost moving forward, and look forward to expanding my cable investment in the near future. Even if I need to make a four-hour-long round trip to get them! Hopefully, I will soon be into the Frey 2 or Valhalla 2 product offerings. Potentially upgrading some of the Blue Heaven cables in the system now.

James uses: Blue Heaven and Purple Flare

Alberta, Canada

Originally, I was of the thought that cables would not make much of a difference in an audio system, most notably power cables. My spouse and I attended a demonstration at our local audio store (where we had purchased the rest of the pieces for our system), and we were absolutely astonished at the difference we were hearing.

Needless to say, we upgraded our power cables shortly afterward. Probably the best way to put it was that our system had "woken up" and was brought to life in a way that we had not heard before. Crisper, more detailed highs, cleaner bass response...we are very pleased.

We currently are using three Nordost Red Dawn AC Power Cords, and three Nordost Heimdall 2 AC Power Cords on our system, and are in the process of working our way through the rest of the system.

Burien, WA  USA 

I must say I was never a "high end" cable believer. I set up my new system (all tube) first with cheap cables, then replaced them with the Nordost cables (power, all interconnects, speaker) and WOW, what a difference. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it for myself. Truly amazing. Even my wife was shocked at the difference. Keep up the great work!

John uses: Blue Heaven

Alexandria, VA  USA

Upgrading our interconnects and speaker cables to Nordost Valhalla 2 was one of the most significant upgrades we have made to our system.  When we first inserted a demo pair of Valhalla 2 speaker cables that we borrowed from our dealer into our system, we immediately noticed the increase in clarity and temporal resolution.  These attributes have enhanced our listening experience. Imaging is more precise with improved separation between instruments. We have also noticed improved bass dynamics and tonality. We highly recommend these cables and Nordost’s break-in service.

Steve and Anne use: Valhalla 2  

Omaha, NE  USA

Music is one of my life's greatest enjoyments and Nordost has played a major part in it.

My Nordost journey began at the RMAF Show in Denver, CO after seeing Mike Marko’s phenomenal Nordost cable presentation with The Sound Environment assisting. This became a game changer for me and I knew at that time, that Nordost was for me.

My first demo, a Purple Flare Power Cord plugged into a 4K Apple TV using an LG OLED TV, produced unexpected, yet amazing results.  The power cord significantly improved the video and sound quality. With that, it was clear that Nordost transforms your audio/video experience into one that is so immersive, it draws you into the music and film.

I've since added Heimdall 2 Power Cords, three Blue Heaven HDMIs, and a QB8 MKII with two QV2s. This resulted in greater color saturation, deeper black levels, and improved contrast levels. Image clarity, depth, and texture also showed improvement.  With the Heimdall 2 Speaker Cables, audio showed improvement in dynamics, a wider and deeper sound stage, and greater transparency and separation.

Each new addition of Nordost equipment has bestowed incremental, yet significant upgrades to the video and sound. What more could you ask for? Listening to music or watching movies with family and friends and hearing them say “WOW!”...  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Charlotte, NC  USA

Cables can either elevate or denigrate a system’s sonic performance. When I tried my first Nordost cable, a Tyr 2 Speaker Cable, I was astonished at how the sonic presentation was improved. It brought across better definition and clarity, better dynamics and impact, and a lower more powerful bass.

What I see in Nordost cables is an exceptionally fast product that remains true to the musical signal. They are incredibly revealing of transient detail, and in no way hinder future upgrades. Nordost products come as close as any cable product I have tried in accomplishing what every cable should be trying to do – not change the signal in any way.

Yonkers, NY  USA  

Since my introduction to computer audio, starting with the purchase of equipment, software players, cables, digital music downloads, and the addition of several thousands of CD disk conversions to AIFF 44.1/16 to create a digital music library, I reached this awareness early on: “The Music’s the thing; the equipment seduces.”

Just last year, I began replacing the cables in my system, which were each worth several thousands of dollars, with Nordost’s Heimdall 2. I knew almost instantaneously there was a difference. Different good? Different bad? Actually neither.  It was not only what I heard that validated my awareness, but it was also how I felt about what I heard. To use a video metaphor, with just two Heimdall 2 what was 3D before was now 3D in 5K. Consequently, I went about replacing all my cabling and reassembling my system with only Nordost. The sonic quality I discern is palpable. Another dimension of enjoyment touched with medicine, magic, and miracles. That translates into submodalities of auditory characteristics related to clarity, texture and density of the recorded sound, singularity of instrument voicing, accurate presence of the artist through stage location, technique, and musicality attended by a kinesthetic felt by the listener, resulting in a synesthesia such that the artist or group is in the room, or that one is in their room. An aliveness. I was seduced.

Richard uses: Heimdall 2, Blue Heaven, and QRT

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

WARNING Don’t read this, and definitely never ever go to a Nordost demonstration!!!!

About five years ago I started on my journey with Nordost, being a true skeptic! Yeah, right, the more expensive the cable the better….

Now, five years on, I’m a total convert. Through trial and error, I wrestled my way from speaker cables—Red Dawn to Heimdall 2 to Tyr 2. And then the next barrier of skepticism: Power cords. Yeah, right again—electrickery is electrickery. No again! Also a discovery tour to Heimdall 2 and Tyr 2. USB cord for the beamer: […..]. Consecutively QBASE-Mark II. Then, finally QV2 and QKORE1. Thingies going from nowhere to nowhere, passive. And that should have an effect?!? And again: yes.

Summarizing: A journey into more and more detail, crisp, precision, quietness, speed, etc. And I’m afraid I haven’t seen the end yet! Oh, I forgot...Sort Kones under my turntable! Thought it would be a joke, but again— the silence!

Paul uses: Tyr 2, Heimdall 2, QRT, and Sort Kones