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USB Cables


Computer audio can finally compete with analog systems thanks to Nordost’s range of USB cables. These USB cables provide the solution you need to achieve the superb sound staging, wide dynamic range, precise timing, and emotion you have been looking for in computer audio. With a wide variety of both termination possibilities and standards, Nordost’s USB selection has you covered for virtually any component in the hifi industry that requires a USB connection. Only Nordost’s, high-speed, low-loss cables will ensure that all the necessary information will be delivered with the efficiency and diligence needed to maintain the correct impedance, dramatically lifting your hifi system to a new level of performance.


Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable Red Dawn USB Cable


Heimdall 2 USB Cable FREY 2 (USB C) Cable FREY 2 (USB C ADAPTER) CableTYR 2 USB Cable


Valhalla USB Cable
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