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Specialty Cables


All hifi hobbyists deserve to get the maximum performance level out of their carefully chosen and much-loved components. However, not all electronics can be upgraded with the standard options available for aftermarket, premium cables. Nordost’s Specialty Cables are designed to enhance the equipment from some of these well-respected companies, such as NAIM® and CH-PRECISION®, whose components are not compatible with the termination and wiring options available in our long-standing cable offerings. 

Nordost Specialty Cables include power, signal, and power & signal cables, which have been seamlessly integrated into our Red Dawn, Frey 2, and Tyr 2 ranges. Each specialty cable offering has been purpose-built for its specific function and should be paired with the components with which its use is intended.

Thanks to Nordost’s Specialty Cable offerings, loyal NAIM® and CH-PRECISION® owning customers are finally able to upgrade their beloved systems and achieve the fidelity they have been craving!


Red Dawn Specialty Cable


Frey2 Specialty Cables Tyr2 Specialty Cables
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