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Nordost cables should only be purchased from authorized Nordost dealers, as listed here.

All Nordost cables are hand built at our factory in the USA and sold through our Authorized Dealer network worldwide. Please be aware that attempts to counterfeit our products may appear online. Counterfeit cables are often easy to spot as Nordost cables use distinctive technology, precise lengths, serial numbers, and connectors. Be aware of any falsely-branded Nordost cables being offered for very low prices, especially on auction sites, as they are normally counterfeits.

Nordost cables are never sold through websites like Amazon, Alibaba, or AliExpress. Cables from those sites are not manufactured by us, do not contain any of our technology, and in some instances are unsafe to use, as in the case of power cords.

Address: 93 Bartzak Drive
Holliston , MA 01746
Email: info@nordost.com
Web: www.nordost.com

Dealers marked as 'Certified Nordost Specialists' with the displayed badge, have been personally trained by the Nordost team, in order to impart the technical intricacies used in our cable design. Through their skillful demonstrations, you'll be able to hear the improvements that Nordost cables bring to a sound system, and understand the nuanced advances that are achieved with every upgrade within the Nordost line.

Vidar 2 Badge

Dealers marked with a VIDAR or VIDAR 2 badge offer Nordost’s unique cable burn-in service. The VIDAR is a professional burn-in device that conditions cables faster and more effectively than simply using them in your system.  Periodically burning-in your audio cables optimizes their capabilities and allows you to enjoy a fuller, more natural, and detailed performance from your sound system.  Contact participating dealers for more information.


Absolute Audio/Video
Address: Unit #100 6303 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, AB
T3B 0E6
Phone: (403) 202-7302
Fax: (403) 202-7317
Email: info@absoluteaudio.ca
Web: www.absoluteaudio.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
The Gramophone
Address: 7913 - 104th Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB
T6E 4E1
Phone: (780) 428 2356
Fax: (780) 428 2356
Email: info@gramophone.ca
Web: www.gramophone.ca
Certified Nordost Specialist
Dealer Product Offering Badges
Sound Lovers Audio-Video
Address: 652 3rd Street SE
Medicine Hat
Alberta T1A 0H5
Phone: (403) 585-5228    
Email: soundlovers@shaw.ca
Web: www.soundlovers.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badges
Wright AV Solutions
Address: 4393 Oxford Street
Burnaby, BC
V5C 1E3
Phone: (604) 318-1829
Email: Josh@wrightav.ca
Web: www.wrightav.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Element Acoustics
Address: #104 - 13880 Wireless Way
Richmond, BC
V6V 0A3
Phone: (604) 884-0488
Email: contact@element-acoustics.ca
Web: www.element-acoustics.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Commercial Electronics
Address: 1565 West 7th Ave.
Vancouver BC
V6J 1S1
Phone: (604) 669-5525
Email: info@cemail.ca
Web: www.commercialelectronics.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audiofi Source Inc.
Address: 127 East 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1G4
Phone: (604) 351-3485
Email: audiofiinc@gmail.com
Web: www.audiofi.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Liquid Sound, Inc
Address: 4320 West 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6R 2H7
Phone: (604) 620-7499
Email: info@liquidsound.ca
Web: www.liquidsound.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Altitudo Audio
Address: 34 Jutland Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2P 1P9
Phone: (204) 688-9395
Email: yamborkoleonid@gmail.com
Web: www.altitudoaudio.ca
Nordost Burn in Service
Dealer Product Offering Badge
American Hi-Fi
Address: 329 Cumberland Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 1T2
Phone: (204) 582-6910
Email: info@americanhifi.com
Web: www.americanhifi.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Brooklyn Audio Inc.
Address: 47 Bow St.
Dartmouth, NS
Phone: (902) 463-8773
Fax: (902) 463-4988
Email: jody.crane@ns.sympatico.ca
Web: www.brooklynaudioinc.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio By Mark Jones
Address: 656 Rossland Road E.
Ajax, Ontario
L1Z 1T1
Phone: (289) 314-3609
Email: audiobymj@gmail.com
Web: www.audiobymarkjones.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio Eden
Address: 15018 Yonge Street
Aurora, ON
L4G 1M6
Phone: (905) 503-0850
Email: audioeden@rogers.com
Web: www.audioeden.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
EQ Audio Video
Address: 130 Saunders Rd, Unit 7
Barrie, ON
L4N 9A8
Phone: (416) 689-7779
Email: sales@eqaudio.ca
Web: www.eqaudio.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Ash Forest Hi-Fi
Address: 210 Princess St.
Kingston, ON
K7L 1B2
Phone: (613) 507-2000
Email: info@ashforesthifi.com
Web: www.ashforesthifi.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Target Hi Fi
Address: 144 Dundas St.
London, ON
N6A 1G1
Phone: (800) 830-9730
Email: sales@targethifi.com
Web: www.targethifi.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio Excellence
Address: 70 Esna Park Drive, Unit 7
Markham, ON
L3R 6E7
Phone: (905) 881-7109
Fax: (905) 881-7680
Email: info@audioexcellence.ca
Web: www.audioexcellence.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Kennedy HiFi
Address: 4560 Highway 7 East Unit 600
Markham, ON
L3R 1M5
Phone: (905) 474-0330
Email: info@kennedy-hifi.com
Web: www.kennedy-hifi.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Electronic Depot
Address: 6710 Lundy's lane
Niagara Falls, ON
L2G 1V5
Phone: (905) 354-2767
Fax: (905) 354-5558
Email: info@theelectronicdepot.ca
Web: www.theelectronicdepot.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Bliss Acoustics
Address: 20 Third Ave
Ottawa, ON
K1S 2J6
Phone: (613) 415-4475
Email: info@blissacoustics.com
Web: www.blissacoustics.com
Certified Nordost Specialist
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Elite Audio
Address: 10755 Leslie Street Unit #5
Richmond Hill , ON
L4S 0B2
Phone: (905) 709 2068
Email: info@eliteaudios.ca
Web: www.eliteaudios.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge

Update TV & Stereo


Address: 402-255 Bass Pro Mills Drive
Vaughan, ON
L4K 0A2
Phone: (905) 669-0470
Email: updatetvandstereo@yahoo.com
Web: www.updatetvandstereo.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Completely Custom
Address: 466 East Ave
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 269-4469
Fax: (416) 269-4468
Email: info@completely-custom.com
Web: www.completely-custom.com
Nordost Burn in Service
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Executive Stereo
Address: 2076 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON
M5M 4A6
Phone: (416) 927-1400
Email: exec1@rogers.com 
Web: www.executivestereo.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Address: 116 – 4750 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M2N 0J6
Phone: (647) 219-6396
Email: charles@headfoneshop.com
Web: www.headfoneshop.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Sonic Artistry
Address: By Appointment Only,
High Park, Toronto, Ontario
Aurora, Ontario
Phone: (416) 254-3887
Email: sales@sonicartistry.ca
Web: www.sonicartistry.ca
Nordost Burn in Service
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Massif Audio Design
Address: By appointment or in home demo
Waterloo, ON
Phone: (416) 420-4462
Email: orders@massifaudiodesign.com
Web: www.massifaudiodesign.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio Two
Location: LaSalle, Ontario, N9J1B4, Canada
Phone: (519) 979-7101
Email: sales@audiotwo.com
Web: audiotwo.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Québec Acoustique
Address: 643, Blvd du Curé-Labelle
Blainville, QC
J7C 2J3
Phone: (450) 508-2150
Toll Free: 1-855-508-2150
Email: info@quebecacoustic.com
Web: www.quebecacoustic.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Musique Avant Tout
Address: 357 rue Racine, Suite 300
Chicoutimi, QC
G7H 1S8
Phone: (418) 549-1755
Email: info@musiqueavanttout.com
Web: www.musiqueavanttout.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Roch Dumouchel
Address: 49 Dalhousie
Huntingdonl, QC
J0S 1H0
Phone: (450) 264-3028
Email: roch@rochdumouchel.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Laliberte Electronique
Address: 1007 Rue Fontaine
Levis, QC
G6Z 1K8
Phone: (418) 839-4328
Email: info@glaliberte.com
Website: www.laliberteelectronique.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio Shop

806 Atwater
Montreal, QC
H4C 2G9

Phone: (514) 871-0091
Web: www.audioshop.qc.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Address: 9343 Lajeunesse
Montreal, QC
H2M 1S5
Phone: (514) 389-1377
Email: info@filtronique.com
Web: www.filtronique.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Audio d’Occasion
Address: 1325 rue Ontario
H2L 1R8
Phone: 888-738-4434
Fax: 514-522-2020
Email: info@audio-occasion.qc.ca
Web: www.audio-occasion.qc.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Villeneuve Audio Video
Address: 50 Gauthier Nord
Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Québec
J6E 1V1
Phone: (450) 755-1696
Email: joliette@stereoplus.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Address: 355 Marie de L'Incarnation
Quebec City, Québec
G1N 3G9
Phone: (418) 687-9252
Email: MichaelMartel@audiolight.qc.ca
Web: www.audiolight.qc.ca
Dealer Product Offering Badge
Le Domaine Du Son
Address: 3607 Papineau
Trois-Rivières, Québec
G8Y 1N7
Phone: (819) 373-1218
Email: domaineduson@gmail.com
Web: www.domaineduson.com
Dealer Product Offering Badge