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Nordost cables should only be purchased from authorized Nordost dealers, as listed here.

All Nordost cables are hand built at our factory in the USA and sold through our Authorized Dealer network worldwide. Please be aware that attempts to counterfeit our products may appear online. Counterfeit cables are often easy to spot as Nordost cables use distinctive technology, precise lengths, serial numbers, and connectors. Be aware of any falsely-branded Nordost cables being offered for very low prices, especially on auction sites, as they are normally counterfeits.

Nordost cables are never sold through websites like Amazon, Alibaba, or AliExpress. Cables from those sites are not manufactured by us, do not contain any of our technology, and in some instances are unsafe to use, as in the case of power cords.

Scandinavian Audio Systems

Address: Lindevej 10 
4640 Faxe 
Phone: +45 40 15 37 77
Fax: +45 43 43 17 67
Email: info@sas-audio.dk
Web: sas-audio.dk


KT. Radio
Address: Vesterbrogade 179
Frederiksberg C
Tlf: 33311440
Web: www.ktradio.dk
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High-performance audio
Address: Havnegade 41, 1058
København K
Tlf: 28905454
Web: www.high-performance.dk
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Address: Østerbrogade 90
2100 Ø København
Tlf: 35420441
Email: telsat@telsat.cz
Web: www.topsoundhifi.dk
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Address: Klostervej 23K
5000 Odense C
Tlf: 41261234
Web: www.audiocompagniet.dk
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CSN Teknik
Address: Rypevænget 7
4733 Tappenøje
Tlf: 35420441
Web: www.csn-teknik.dk
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Tape Connection mkII
Address: Europaplads 6
8000 Aarhus C
Tlf: 86760806
Web: www.tapeconnection.dk
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Lyd & Billed
Address: Vodskovvej 56
9310 Vodskov
Tlf: 98 29 40 21
Web: www.lyd-billed.dk
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AV-connection A/S
Address: kærvej 71 B
6400 Sønderborg
Tlf: 74421078
Web: www.av-connection.dk
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Address: Granvænget 6
4060 Kirke Såby
Tlf: 43440101
Web: www.cso.dk
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Custom Audio
Address: Fredensborgvej 39
3400 Hillerød
Tlf: 27 79 61 20
Web: www.customaudio.dk
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Custom Audio
Address: Lundemarksvej 23b
4300 Holbæk
Tlf: 27 79 61 22
Web: www.customaudio.dk
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Room AV
Address: Abildager 13
2605 Brøndby
Tlf: 72118030
Web: www.roomav.dk
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