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Nordost cables should only be purchased from authorized Nordost dealers, as listed here.

All Nordost cables are hand built at our factory in the USA and sold through our Authorized Dealer network worldwide. Please be aware that attempts to counterfeit our products may appear online. Counterfeit cables are often easy to spot as Nordost cables use distinctive technology, precise lengths, serial numbers, and connectors. Be aware of any falsely-branded Nordost cables being offered for very low prices, especially on auction sites, as they are normally counterfeits.

Nordost cables are never sold through websites like Amazon, Alibaba, or AliExpress. Cables from those sites are not manufactured by us, do not contain any of our technology, and in some instances are unsafe to use, as in the case of power cords.

Hi-Fi United Srl
Address: Via Via Manifredi, 98
29100 Piacenza Italy
Phone: +39 0523 716178
Fax: +39 0523 716076
Email: hifiunited@tin.it
Web: www.hifiunited.it


Audio Fidelity (Alessandria)
Address: Corso Virginia Marin, 48
15100 Alessandria AL
Phone: 131.26013
Email: audiofidelity@audiofidelity.it
Web: www.audiofidelity.it
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New Sound Carfa (Bari)

Address: Via Betty Ambiveri, 9
24126 Bergamo BG
Phone: 80.5237072
Email: carfasrl@libero.it
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Hi-Fi Studio (Bergamo)
Address: Via Carulli, 15
70121 Bari BA
Phone: 35.313428
Email: hifistudio.srl@tiscali.it
Web: www.hifi-studio.it
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Rigola Luigi & C (Biella)
Address: Via Pietro Losana, 6
13900 Biella BI
Phone: 152.522198
Email: info@rigola1905.it
Web: www.rigola1905.it
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Radio Sata Hi-Fi (Bologna)
Address: Via Battindarno, 26
140133 Bologna BO
Phone: 51.386634
Email: sandro.consoli@fastwebnet.it
Web: www.radiosata.net
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Sound Center (Brescia)
Address: Via Fura, 40
25125 Brescia BS
Phone: 30.370123
Email: info@diapason-italia.com
Web: www.soundcenter.info
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Alta Fedeltà (Calco, Lecco)
Address: Via Nazionale, 5/C
23885 Calco LC
Phone: 39.9906728
Email: hifi@afmerate.com
Web: www.afmerate.com
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Stereodrom (Campi Salentina , Lecce)
Address: Via Dante Alighieri, 23
73012 Campi Salentina LE
Phone: 832.794677
Email: stereodrom@libero.it
Web: www.stereodromhifi.it
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K2 Immagine e Suono (Campoformido, Udine)
Address: Via Pietro Zorutti, 117/1
33030 Campoformido UD
Phone: 432.662569
Email: info@k2immagineesuono.it
Web: www.k2immagineesuono.it
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Angelucci Hi Fi (Castelfrentano, Chieti)
Address: Viale Cappuccini, 138
Lanciano CH
Phone: 872.569111
Email: marco@angeluccihifi.com
Web: www.angeluccihifi.com
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Dolfi Hi-Fi (Firenze)
Address: Viale Rosselli Fratelli, 23/red
50144 Firenze FI
Phone: 55.330303
Email: dolfihifi@virgilio.it
Web: www.dolfihifi.com
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Musicanova.media (Foggia)
Address: Via Giuseppe Rosati, 2/F
71121 Foggia FG
Phone: 0881 311987
Email: enricogtg@gmail.com
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Audio Video News (Forlì, Forlì-Cesena)
Address: Viale Fratelli Spazzoli, 120
Forlì FC
Phone: 543.26317
Email: info@avnews.it
Web: www.avnews.it
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Genova Videon
Address: Via Armenia, 6 R
16129 Genova
Phone: (+39) 010318011
Email: info@videon.it
Web: www.videonhifi.it
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Uncini (Genova)
Address: Via XII Ottobre, 132
Genova GE
Phone: 10.564021
Email: uncini@panet.it
Web: www.uncinihifi.it
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Hi-Fi Punto (La Spezia)
Address: Via Privata da Passano, 31
La Spezia SP
Phone: 0187 733577
Email: info@hifipunto.com
Web: www.hifipunto.com
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Tasso Elettronica (Macerata)
Address: Via Giuseppe Verdi, 27
62100 Macerata MC
Phone: 733.268007
Email: tassoelettronica@tin.it
Web: www.tassoelettronica.it
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Garosi Renzo Hi Fi (Mantova)
Address: Via Broletto, 7
46100 Mantova MN
Phone: 0376 328604
Email: renzo.garosi@garosihifi.it
Web: www.garosihifi.it
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Crosina & Balbo (Merano, Bolzano)
Address: Via Roma, 288
Merano BZ
Phone: 473.2708
Email: crosinaebalbo@gmail.com
Web: www.crosinaebalbo.it
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Milano Sound Machine
Address: Via Achille Maiocchi 28
20129 Milano
Phone: (+39) 02 92860273
Email: info@sound-machine.it
Web: www.sound-machine.it
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Milano VIDEOSELL (BVM Computers) 
Address: Via Carlo Porta, 3
20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milano
Phone: +39 02 4450072
Email: servizioclienti@videosell.it
Web: www.videosell.it
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Hi Fi Natali (Monsummano, Pistoia)
Address: Via Francesca V.P., 425
Monsummano Terme PT
Phone: 572.5136
Email: info@hifinatali.it
Web: www.hifinatali.it
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Napoli H&S Home Solutions
Address: Via Massimo Stanzione, 6
80129 Napoli
Email: info@pickuphifi.it
Web: www.hs-hifi.it
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Pick Up Hi-Fidelity (Palermo)
Address: Via Catania, 16
90141 Palermo PA
Phone: 91.6259164
Email: info@pickuphifi.it
Web: www.pickuphifi.it
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Padova Esperienze Audio

Address: Via San Marco 11/C, c/o NET CENTER, Palazzo Tendenza 
35129 Padova
Phone: +39 328 0566247
Email: info@esperienzeaudio.it
Web: www.esperienzeaudio.com
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Audio Graffiti (Pandino, Cremona)
Address: Via degli Artigiani, 5
26025 Pandino CR
Phone: 373.91708
Email: emilio.mazzola@sergiopozzi.it
Web: www.audiograffiti.com
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Hi-Fi 2 Erre (San Martino Siccomario, Pavia)
Address: Via Aldo Moro, 5
27028 San Martino Siccomario PV
Phone: 382.552983
Email: info@hifi2erre.it
Web: www.hifi2erre.com
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New Hi-Fi (Piacenza)
Address: Via Giuseppe Manfredi, 100
29122 Piacenza PC
Phone: 523.452348
Email: newhifi@tin.it
Web: www.newhifi.it
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Da Pieve Hi-Fi (Porcia, Pordenone)
Address: Via Colombera 10
33080 Porcia PN
Phone: 434.920922
Email: info@dapievehifi.it
Web: www.dapievehifi.it
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Per Piacere (Roma)
Address: Via De Coubertin, 22
00196 Roma RM
Phone: 6.80690384
Email: store1@perpiacere.roma.it
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Roma Hi-Fi D’Agostini
Address: Via Francesco Catel, 37/49
00152 Roma
Phone: + 0686292661
Email: info@hifidagostini.it
Web: www.hifidagostini.it
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Roma Sound and Vision
Address: Via Nemorense, 143
00199 Roma
Phone: (+39) 06 83602907
Email: info@sound-and-vision.it
Web: www.sound-and-vision.it
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Gradi Hi-Fi (Roma)
Address: Via Nemorense, 159
00199 Roma RM
Phone: 6.8621606
Email: claudiogradi@alice.it
Web: www.gradihifi.it
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Roma Centro Musicale
Address: Via Val Pellice, 85
00141 Roma
Phone: (+39) 06 8861046
Web: www.centromusicalesrl.it
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Salerno Solo Musica (Mercato San Severino)
Address: Via Trento, 13
84085 Mercato S.Severino (SA)
Phone: (+39) 3294112620
Email: info@solomusicaonline.it
Web: www.solomusicaonline.it
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Audio & VIdeo Solutions (Saint Vincent, Aosta)
Address: P. Savini, 9
11027 Saint-Vincent AO
Phone: 366.6615498
Email: info@avsolutions.it
Web: www.avsolutions.it
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Stereo 1 (Torino)
Address: Corso Bramante, 58
10126 Torino TO
Phone: 11.6635403
Email: stereouno@yahoo.com
Web: www.stereo1.it
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R. Caputo (Venezia)
Address: Sestriere Castello, 5640
30122 Venezia VE
Phone: 41.5236836
Email: caputo@rcaputo-snc.191.it
Web: www.caputovenezia.it
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Arem Hi Fi (Verona)
Address: Piazzale Olimpia, 8
37138 Verona VR
Phone: 45.8166003
Email: arem.hifi@libero.it
Web: www.aremhi-fi.it
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Vignola Automusik

Address: Via Per Spilamberto, 1657, 41085
Phone: 059 771454
Email: automusik@libero.it
Web: www.automusik.it
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