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Nordost cables should only be purchased from authorized Nordost dealers, as listed here.

All Nordost cables are hand built at our factory in the USA and sold through our Authorized Dealer network worldwide. Please be aware that attempts to counterfeit our products may appear online. Counterfeit cables are often easy to spot as Nordost cables use distinctive technology, precise lengths, serial numbers, and connectors. Be aware of any falsely-branded Nordost cables being offered for very low prices, especially on auction sites, as they are normally counterfeits.

Nordost cables are never sold through websites like Amazon, Alibaba, or AliExpress. Cables from those sites are not manufactured by us, do not contain any of our technology, and in some instances are unsafe to use, as in the case of power cords.

Audio Center Poland
Address: ul. ks. Józefa Skwiruta 7
32-700 Bochnia
VAT no: 679-313-26-32
Phone: +48 508 590 213
Email: audiocenter@audiocenter.pl
Web: www.audiocenter.pl


Albatros Gdańsk
Address: Gdańsk, ul. Gen. Bora Komorowskiego 22
Phone: 58 553 80 94
Email: albatros@server.pl
Web: www.sklep-albatros.pl
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Albatros Gdynia
Address: Gdynia, ul. Wójta Radkiego 29/35
Phone: 58 661 25 71
Email: albatros@server.pl
Web: www.sklep-albatros.pl
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Audio Forte
Address: Warszawa, Rejtana 7/9
Phone: 22 646 69 99
Email: biuro@audioforte.pl
Web: www.audioforte.com.pl
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Audio Punkt
Address: Warszawa, ul. Stefana Batorego 35
Phone: 22 825 30 90
Email: audiopunkt@wp.pl
Web: www.audiopunkt.com.pl
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Audio Styl
Address: Katowice, al. Walentego Roździeńskiego 91
Phone: 32 781 00 36
Email: biuro@audiostyl.pl
Web: www.audiostyl.pl
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Address: Kraków, ul. Sołtysowska 35A
Phone: 12 686 10 15
Email: kontakt@audiotrendt.com.pl
Web: www.audiotrendt.com.pl
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Address: Kraków, ul. Krowoderskich Zuchów 16 L.U. 11
Phone: 609 051 362
Email: sklep@hifistation.pl
Web: www.hifistation.pl
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Address: Poznań, ul. Umultowska 39
Phone: 61 847 26 63
Email: sklep@koris.pl
Web: www.koris.pl
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MDB Audio
Address: Wrocław, ul. Gwarecka 2B
Phone: 71 711 17 19
Email: sklep@mdbaudio.pl
Web: www.mdbaudio.pl
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Mega Hz
Address: Katowice, ul. Słowackiego 39
Phone: 32 206 81 99
Email: sklep@megahz.com.pl
Web: www.sklep.megahz.com.pl
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Nautilus 2
Address: Rzeszów, ul. Lwowska 78C
Phone: 602 680 017
Email: nautilus2@nautilus2.pl
Web: www.nautilus2.pl
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Address: Pabianice, ul. Reymonta 12
Phone: 42 213 01 66
Email: q21@q21.pl
Web: www.q21.pl
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Studio Hi-Fi
Address: Katowice, ul. Przemysłowa 3
Phone: 32 256 03 40
Email: studio@studiohifi.pl
Web: www.studiohifi.pl
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