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Why do Nordost 75 ohm digital cables come with BNC to RCA adaptors?

The correct termination for true 75 ohm impedance is a BNC connector due to the mechanical spacing of the center conductor relative to the outer insulation. We cannot alter the laws of physics. We have found that keeping the integrity of the 75 ohm cable with a BNC termination and using an RCA adaptor always provides better sonic results.  It also means the cable can be used easily as a clocking cable, which typically uses BNC connections for superior performance.

Does Nordost offer factory re-termination services on its cables?

Yes, factory re-termination is available. This is best done through our worldwide network of Authorized Nordost Dealers who can arrange the return of the cables to our factory for re-termination.

Can my detachable headphone cables (Heimdall 2) be re-terminated for use with a different type of headphone?

No. Due to the complex construction of this cable and the fact that it is mechanically tuned, it is not possible to have it re-terminated.

Can I have a long length of cable cut down and re-terminated?

No. Unfortunately, since most Nordost cables are mechanically tuned for optimum performance, adjusting the cable length will compromise the performance. In the event that you require shorter cables, we suggest that you visit your local Authorized Nordost Dealer who may be able to accept a trade of your existing product and supply you with the necessary lengths.

Can I use my Nordost Bi Wire jumpers as banana to spade adapters?

Yes the Bi-Wire jumpers can be used as Z-Plug banana to spade adapters without compromise.

Are XLR or single ended RCA connections better?

If you are using a properly implemented balanced design from the same manufacturer, then XLR will sound better. However, if you are using balanced equipment from different manufacturers, the results can vary. In some cases the equipment may not be truly balanced. If there is the option, the single RCA will sound best.  At the end of the day, it’s system dependent.

What is the best termination on loudspeaker cables?

Across our cable ranges, we typically recommend the Nordost banana Z-plug. We have being using this connector for many years due to its low mass design and beryllium copper construction. On our Valhalla 2 cable we offer a HOLO:PLUG, gold plated, OFC spade connector which is mechanically tuned to offer superior sonic performance