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What minimum cable lengths do Nordost recommend?

The minimum recommended lengths of Nordost cables are as follows:
Power cables – 2 meters
Analog interconnects – 1 meter
Digital interconnects – 1.5 meters
Tonearm cables – 1.25 meters
Loudspeaker cables – 2 meters

What is better: short interconnects or short loudspeaker cables?

The signal loss on Nordost cables is very low due to the use of extruded FEP insulation and Micro Mono-Filament technology.
Nordost cables can run over longer distances with less signal loss than regular cables. However, when planning a system set up, it is wise to keep lower level signals such as tonearm cables and analog interconnects relatively short.  It is better to use longer loudspeaker cables as these typically have much more current and voltage being provided by the power amplifier.

What length of cables do you recommend for tonearm use?

Our standard length is 1.25 meters and the cable can be run up to 3 meters. However, due to the low level of signal, we would not recommend exceeding this length.

What is the best way to bundle extra lengths of cables?

We do not recommend bundling extra lengths of cables tightly.  Doing so may change the electrical characteristics of the cable, increasing capacitance and impedance. It is better to coil the cables back and forth in a loose configuration.