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Can I put Sort Kones under speakers?

No, the Sort Kones are designed for use under audio and video components only and should not be used under loudspeakers.  If you are looking for a resonance control device for your speakers, the Sort Füt is Nordost’s dedicated device, which replaces the standard spikes and stabilizers found on loudspeakers and racks.

What are the different models of Sort Kone?

There are 4 models of Sort Kones: AS aluminum/steel, AC aluminum/ceramic, BC bronze/ceramic and TC titanium/ceramic.
Each of these combinations has different sonic attributes.

Can I mix and match various types of Sort Kones?

Yes you can.

How many Sort Kones should I use under my components?

You should use a minimum of 3 pieces under each component. However, adding additional Sort Kones will give a noticeable improvement.  Contact Nordost technical support at 1 800 836 2750 or info@nordost.com for instructions on Sort Kone placement.

How much weight does the Sort Kone support?

The Sort Kone AS will support 75 lbs or 34kilos per piece. The other Sort Kones will support 100lbs 45.45 kilos per piece.

How much weight does a Sort Füt support?

The Sort Füt will support 200 lbs or 90.90 kilos per piece. This means a loudspeaker or rack with four Sort Füt units can handle a weight of 800 lbs or 363 kilos maximum.

Are there different sized threaded adapters for the Sort Füt?

The Sort Füt is supplied with 6mm, 8mm and ¼ -20 adapters, as these are the most common sizes used. Other sizes are available from your Authorized Nordost Dealers at additional cost. If you are not sure what size threads your loudspeakers use please contact your dealer or check with the manufacturer.